The bar at Pirates Point is decorated with art made by guests during their stay. Owner Gladys Howard provides brushes, paints, and a hot glue gun and guests provide their imagination and only whatever materials they find on the island's shores.

Each January, guests are asked to vote on the artwork created in the previous year, with prizes going to the winners:

  • 3rd, 4th, 5th place - a Pirates Point Resort t-shirt
  • 2nd place - two FREE nights at Pirates Point Resort for one person
  • Grand Prize - seven FREE nights at Pirates Point Resort for one person

    The Rules :
    One vote per person.
    To be eligible to vote you must have been a guest at Pirates Point in 2014.
    You must vote for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th or your ballot will be void.
    Votes must be received at Pirates Point by Feb 28, 2015 midnight.

    2013 Winners
    First Place - #2 Gladys the Mermaid - Ric Wolkowitz, Bob Kilgore, Jocelyn Tipton and Jessica Prenger
    Second Place - #14 Scalloped Hammerhead - Bo Barrett
    Third Place - #3 Creature from the Deep - Brian Stremick
    Fourth Place - #10 Caymanian Garage Band - Sal and Andrea Selvaggio
    Fifth Place - Tie - #9 Gladys Castle by the Sea - Ari Bensusan and Rachel Block
    FIfth Place - #12 - Dr. Gladys Pirate Apothecary - Remi Barrett




    1 - Reindeer Shell

    2 - Proud Polly aka Howardensias Gladys

    3 - Mardi Gras

    4 - Brain Art

    5 - Divers Brew

    6 - Pine Needle Basket

    7 - Picture Coming

    8 - Taxonomic Spoof

    9 - Large Green Iguana

    10 - Crazy Mike Grundy

    11 - Penny Pederson's Cleaning Station

    12 - The Good Witches Broomstick

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