Art Contest

Once again Pirates Point guests have shown that they are not only superb divers, the kindest and most fun guests anyone could hope for, but also inspired and creative artists.   The artwork that our guests create is so meaningful to all of us at Pirates Point, and we treasure each and every piece.   We are beyond grateful that you all continue to participate and contribute to the spirit behind Pirates Point.

As you know, send us a quick email voting for your top 3 choices.   The winner gets a week's free package for one.   Second place receives a 3-night package for one,  and third place receive our congratulations, maybe a beer, maybe a hat... something along those lines!



No. 1:


No. 2:

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    Large 3 ft. to 8 ft. chlorine pool centrally located near club house

    thatched roofs

    Thatched roofs provide shade in the afternoons for great naps and reading.