Bloody Bay Wall - The Ultimate in Diving!

Divers around the world consider Little Cayman's Bloody Bay Wall one of the ultimate dives. Rising to within 20 feet of the surface and plunging in sheer and unbroken cliffs to depths of more than a mile, these pristine formations offer abundant marine life found nowhere else.

There are lush coral gardens, giant sponges, trees of black coral, elaborate sea fans, and majestic eagle rays. The late Phillippe Cousteau called Little Cayman's Bloody Bay Wall one of the three finest dive areas in the world. Photographer David Doubilet and cinematographer Stan Waterman dubbed Three Fathom Wall located in Bloody Bay "the Caribbean's best dive site."

"In Depth", a consumer newsletter for divers consistently lists Pirates Point as one of the top-rated resorts in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Central America - with top-ratings in combined accommodations and diving. Our dive crew is fantastic, as you will quickly see after spending some time diving with our dive masters. You will see far more than you ever imagined. Each dive master takes only a small group on each dive so you have their personal attention at all times. You may also choose to dive with just your dive buddy.

Diving Accommodations:

  • Pirates Point is a full scuba operation with five instructors on staff capable of administering everything from a short resort course to full certification and advanced training. Our instructors are fully certified with PADI, NAUI and can accept Universal Referrals.
  • Our dive boat is a custom 42 foot Newton that seats up to 20 divers and their gear. On a typical day, our average number of divers ranges from 8 to 14. Divers may choose to go on a tour with their dive master in a group no larger than 8, or may buddy- up with their dive buddy. We offer as much or as little supervision as requested.
  • During all dives, our dive professionals are in the water at all times.
  • The two long computer profile dives we do each day give you the equivalent bottom time of three dives with most other operators.
  • We require the use of dive computers. There is no time limit on our dives, as long as it is done safely.
  • Long, relaxed dives allow more than just a quick glimpse of the reef. On guided dives our staff can help you observe the behavioral activities of the fish and each dive master is particularly adept at finding unusual species.
  • Night Dives are offered in small groups of 3 to 6 people. Depending on the weather, this is a guided dive from the shoreline. There is an additional cost of $50.00 US. Light rentals are $10.00 US per light.

Dive Equipment Rentals:

We have any rental equipment that you might need to make your diving experience safe and enjoyable.

  • BC and regulator combo rentals (includes octopus, pressure and depth gauges and inflator hose) are $100.00 US per set, per one week.
  • Dive computer rentals are $50.00 US for the one week, or $10.00 US per day.
  • Wetsuit rentals are $10.00 US per day, or $50.00 US per one week.
  • Children are only allowed on the dive boat when accompanied by a parent or guardian and if they are diving age and intend to either work with a dive master on their diving skills, or snorkel.

Pirates Point and Divers Alert Network

Join DAN Pirates Point is proud to be a DAN Corporate Donor. DAN offers diving and trip insurance. Visit the links below to sign up for insurance prior to your trip. We strongly recommend that you have DAN Diving Insurance prior to your trip to Pirates Point Resort.

DAN Diving Insurance

DAN Trip Insurance

Diving in Grand Cayman

If you are ever planning a stay in Grand Cayman consider diving with Living the Dream Divers - livingthedreamdivers.com.

PADI Advanced Diver Course Offered:

Do your buoyancy skills need some work? Why not let us help you fine-tune them as part of your diving package. If you are not yet an advanced diver then sign up for a PADI Advanced Diver course and watch your skills improve in many areas.

Don't Forget Your C-Card:

If you are diving while at Pirates Point, you must have your diving certification card with you.

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