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Gourmet Dining at its Finest

Guests enjoy incredible buffet style meals that are prepared by our two in-house gourmet chefs. Dining takes place indoors in our air-conditioned dining room or outdoors on the patio overlooking the beautiful grounds. Our chefs prepare different themed meals during the week that include unique Cayman dishes as well as varied international cuisine. Snacks are also provided throughout the day and on the dive boat. Wines are served with dinner and guests may help themselves to a large variety of drinks in our well-stocked bar. Special diets can be requested but may incur an additional surcharge.

Our approach to food at Pirates Point is simple... we make it all from scratch. No store-bought, processed foods are served. Each day our two fabulous chefs make every bread, appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert served that day from fresh ingredients. We also cater to any dietary needs and do our best to honor any special requests. While most of our supplies arrive weekly on a barge, we also make use of local ingredients. For example, our menus frequently include lionfish, mangos, papaya, local tomatoes, herbs and greens. Meals range from the classics, such as Beef Wellington, to fresh seafood, sushi, lamb, conch chowder, home-fried chicken, and even pizza. We strive to serve the freshest, most innovative dishes possible. Although being restricted from supplies due to weather, with available ingredients we produce creative dishes. Friday nights are always begin with a hand-made Sushi happy-hour at our owner's home, leading to a full dinner with delectable dessert.

Our goal is to give our guests a dining experience that is both surprising and memorable.

If you are visiting Little Cayman but staying elsewhere, and would like to join us for dinner, reservations are required.

We would love to have you, but reservations must be made no later than 12:00 on the day you would like to dine in order for our chefs to accommodate the extra guests. Please call or email us for further information.

Cook ‘in Little Cayman

If you have enjoyed the food at Pirates Point, you are going to love this cookbook consisting of Pirates Point recipes. On sale for $15.00 US plus shipping and handling. Shipping to the US is $4.95; Canada $5.75; Europe and the UK $11.20. To order please send your check to Susan Howard, Pirates Point Resort, 1207 North Oak Cliff Blvd., Dallas, TX 75208.

Featured Recipe:

By popular demand, Pirates Point will continue to feature our Founder's popular and beloved recipes... this one comes from her published Cook'In Little Cayman, published in 1996... Gladys'Famous Spinach Balls 

2   10 oz. packages frozen chopped spinach         
2 cups bread crumbs         
2 Tbsp. Italian seasoning         
1 Tbsp. Fajita seasoning or Mrs. Dash to taste         
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese  
1 cup finely chopped onion  
6 eggs beaten  
1/2 cup melted butter  

Cook spinach and drain well. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Form into bite-size balls. Freeze on cookie sheet. When frozen, remove and place in plastic bag. To bake, place on a greased cookie sheet, thaw slightly, and bake at 325 degrees for 15 minutes. Serve warm. Yields 60 to 70 balls.  Garnish if desired.

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    Large 3 ft. to 8 ft. chlorine pool centrally located near club house

    thatched roofs

    Thatched roofs provide shade in the afternoons for great naps and reading.