About Little Cayman Island


Little Cayman - An Intimate, Peaceful Paradise

Little Cayman, the smallest and most primitive of the three Cayman Islands, is a place where you can truly relax and renew your spirit. Only ten miles long and one mile wide, Little Cayman is an intimate and peaceful paradise. Bask in the sun on the white sand beaches, read a novel while lounging in a hammock beneath a palm tree (our rooms and clubhouse have many selections for your reading pleasure), or simply take a deep breath and view the peace and beauty all around you. The small number of residents treat you like long lost family, waiving to you everytime you pass by. Although Little Cayman has adapted electricity and modern conveniences, the solitude remains intact. There's no crowds and no traffic jams - just the sounds of birds chirping and the waves breaking over the coral reefs. Visitors can ride bicycles (provided free by the resort) around the island, rarely passing a car. There are also cars and mopeds for rent. For a unique picnic experience, visitors can take a boat to Owen's Island, a small remote island right off the coast.

Some of The BEST diving in the Caribbean!

In Little Cayman, scuba divers enjoy some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Bloody Bay Wall, voted one of the best dive sites by leading dive magazines, starts at only 18 feet and goes down for 6000 feet. Enjoy colorful coral gardens, black coral trees, and exotic tropical marine life. There are over 50 incredible and unique dive sites waiting to be explored. If diving is not your fancy, there are ample opportunities to swim or snorkel. There is also great fishing in Little Cayman including bonefish and tarpon.

A Nature Lover's Paradise - Birds, Iguanas & More

A nature lover's delight, Little Cayman is known for a huge population of the Red Footed Booby and the magnificent Frigate birds. The Booby Pond Nature Reserve, over 200 acres, has an observation deck where visitors can use telescopes to bird watch. In addition to birds, Over 2,000 Rock Iguanas inhabit the island. The iguanas are greatly protected and you will see road signs that say "Iguanas Have the Right Away" or "Iguana Crossing". Don't worry, the iguanas are quite shy and do not bother visitors.